A series of reflections on the Articles of Religion listed in the Book of Common Prayer.  In these reflections I aim to spend time seeing afresh where each one leads me in how I think about God, and the ministry and mission entrusted to the Church.

The Articles are as follows:

1.Of Faith in the Holy Trinity.
2.Of Christ the Son of God.
3.Of his going down into Hell.
4.Of his Resurrection.
5.Of the Holy Ghost.
6.Of the Sufficiency of the Scriptures.
7.Of the Old Testament.
8.Of the Three Creeds.
9.Of Original or Birth-sin.
10.Of Free-Will.
11.Of Justification.
12.Of Good Works.
13.Of Works before Justification.
14.Of Works of Supererogation.
15.Of Christ alone without Sin.
16.Of Sin after Baptism.
17.Of Predestination and Election.
18.Of obtaining Salvation by Christ.
19.Of the Church.
20.Of the Authority of the Church.
21.Of the Authority of General Councils.
22.Of Purgatory.
23.Of Ministering in the Congregation.
24.Of speaking in the Congregation.
25.Of the Sacraments.
26.Of the Unworthiness of Ministers.
27.Of Baptism.
28.Of the Lord’s Supper.
29.Of the Wicked which eat not the Body of Christ.
30.Of both kinds.
31.Of Christ’s one Oblation.
32.Of the Marriage of Priests.
33.Of Excommunicate Persons.
34.Of the Traditions of the Church.
35.Of the Homilies.
36.Of Consecrating of Ministers.
37.Of Civil Magistrates.
38.Of Christian men’s Goods.
39.Of a Christian man’s Oath.